Actual for WorkflowMax

Get Your Account Key

To setup Actual to work with your Workflow Max account, you will need an account key.

  • Login to your Workflow Max account.
  • Select Admin>Interfaces>Add-ons
  • Locate 'Actual Time Widget' in the list.
  • Select 'Generate Key'
  • Copy the Account Key for future reference
If you do not have access to the Admin/Interfaces tab in Workflow Max. You must request an Account Key from your Workflow Max administrator.

One Time Setup

The first time Actual opens you will need to enter your WorkflowMax details:

  • Email address
  • Account key
To get your Account Key contact your WorkflowMax administrator.

Status Menu

Click the Actual icon on the task bar (top menu bar) of your desktop to view the Status Menu. From here you can:

  • See the current task which is recording and pause/resume it.
  • See the Time Not Posted area which shows a list of other jobs where time recordings have not yet been posted to WorkflowMax.
  • Click the play/pause on one of the 'Time Not Posted' jobs, the timer will start or stop for the selected job. If another job timer is running it will be paused.
  • Click the note icon which allosw you to add a note to the job time. (see Add Note)
  • See the 'Jobs' menu displaying all your jobs and their associated tasks.
  • See the 'Refresh' option that connects with WorkflowMax to update your jobs and tasks list.

To use the Status Menu:

  • Select a task from the menu to start a timer for your job/task.
  • The top task bar will now display a timer. The icon will animate and the timer will update every minute.
  • You can pause the current running job and restart it by pressing the Actual icon and selecting the job.
  • To switch jobs, select form the menu of current jobs or start a new Job. This will pause current task (if running) and start the selected task.

Refresh and Sync WorkflowMax data

If new jobs are added and you don't see them on your job list, you may need to refresh your data. To refresh your data from WorkflowMax:

  • Select 'Refresh' from the Task Bar Menu or
  • Select 'Show Main Menu' and click the refresh button on the bottom left or
  • Select 'Refresh' from the WorkflowMax menu.

Post Time

  • To post a time to WorkflowMax select the task in the 'Time Not Posted' section of the Task Bar menu.
  • If it is still running you will be prompted to stop the task first.
  • You can change the date, time and notes before posting time if required.

Delete Time

There are two ways to delete Time Not Posted.

  • Click the 'Actual' icon in the top Status Menu, then Click 'Post All Time' > Select a job > Click 'Delete', or
  • Click the Time you would like to delete from the 'Time Not Posted' section of the Status Menu and instead of posting the Time you can also delete it.


A simple screen to allow adding and/or updating of notes as you go.

  • You can add or update a note for a job not yet posted. From the 'Actual' menu click the note icon to the right of the task.
  • Notes can optionally be required for all jobs. Visit the Preferences menu to access notes settings.

Post All Time

  • Access the 'Post All Time' function through the 'Start Bar' menu or the Window menu.
  • You can post all time and optionally stop the current timer (and post it too).
  • WorkflowMax requires at least one minute recorded per job.
  • To edit the time for a task double-click the time field. Note you can't edit the time field for running jobs.
  • A note may be added to a Timer.

Idle Timeout

If your computer is idle for a period, when you come back you will be prompted to either include (carry on) or exclude (subtract time) this time from the timer. This is configurable in Preferences.

Job, Task and Timesheet Windows

The main Job, Task and Timesheet windows can be accessed via the 'Show Main Window...' menu item in the Status Menu. From here you can:

  • See the your current Jobs. (Only Jobs which you are assigned to will appear.)
  • See the Tasks and total hours.
  • Open the Time Sheet window for a selected Task.
  • Start and stop a Timer.
  • Refresh data from WorkflowMax. This will update your Jobs list if you've been assigned new Tasks or Jobs.

The Time sheet window will allow you to see your submitted Time Sheets for a Task and the total time spent on this Task.


The preferences panel allows for:

  • Adjustment of the Idle Timeout values (1,2,5,10,15 or 30 minutes)
  • Enable or disable the requirement to add a note when posting time.
  • Show or hide client name in menus.
  • Show or hide Job number in menus.
  • Sort tasks alphabetically or default.
  • Organise tasks into folders and show in one or two sub menus.
  • Number of jobs to appear in recent task list for quick access.

On the WorkflowMAX tab you can:

  • Change your email address.
  • Change your Account Key.


QUESTION: Actual is crashing on Start up and does not even open.

ANSWER: In some situations especially after upgrading to the latest version the database can be corrupted. In this situation the easiest thing to try is to delete the local database.

Try the following:

  1. Open finder, type CMD+SHIFT+G
  2. Paste in the following path into the Go to the Folder field:
    ~/Library/Containers/com.meamobile.Actual/Data/Library/Application Support/Actual
  3. There should be three files called Actual, Actual-shm, and Actual-wal
  4. Drag to the trash and empty.
  5. Restart Actual.
If this does not solve the issue then please contact us below and we will try to sort out the problem for you.

QUESTION: Unsupported Error on start with the following error dialog.

ANSWER: This is usually due to either your email address or Account Key is wrong. In the past I have found that sometimes a copy and paste of the account key has a trailing space, check this and remove.

It is also possible that ther are other network issues or WorkflowMAX is not accessible.

QUESTION: Failed to connect to WorkflowMax. Or perhaps:

  • The internet connection appears to be offline.
  • A server with the specified hostname could not be found.

ANSWER: This could be due to two things, either your internet connection down - perhaps not likely if you are reading this! - or that the WorkflowMax server is offline. Try going to this site and ensure you see the

Welcome to the WorkflowMax API

message. If you do not see this then you may want to consider contacting WorkflowMax directly as their site is having technical issues.


MEA Mobile offers support via email to or through our contact form at To view more of our products visit: